Functional Fitness: The Key To A Fulfilling (And Long) Life

Something that a lot of people in the fitness industry like to claim is that you need to give your workouts a 100% max effort every time you step into the gym and that is exactly the mindset that will lead to injuries.  The reality is that you don’t always have the same amount of energy and the same level of motivation every time you go workout and if you’re not feeling as good as you did the last time you worked out, don’t push your body as hard. Seems like that should just be common sense but unfortunately the “fitness experts” such as Jillian Michaels that you see on TV and in those informercials say otherwise and they have a lot of loyal followers.  Going max effort when your body isn’t feeling up to it is a big waste of a workout and I wish more people understood that. 

Another fact that I wish more of the population understood is that a lot of the big trends in fitness today are focused towards a specific audience: young people.  It is true that a lot of these styles being preached such as CrossFit and Powerlifting are definitely ways to get in great physical condition…when you are young.  The problem with those types of programs is that they are so high impact that they take a very severe toll on your bones, joints, ligaments etc. the more years you do them and as you age, your body’s ability to recover from activities of high impact continues to decline. 

That is why I am passionate about what I like to call "functional fitness”.   Functional fitness is what helps guarantee you a healthy strong body in your later years (50’s on) just like what you had in your younger years.  I don’t know about you but I don’t just love playing sports and doing different types of physical activities.  I love playing sports and doing different types of physical activities at a high level of performance.  That’s what functional fitness is all about. 

Functional fitness is all based around low impact exercises that will get you strong and keep you strong without your body eventually falling apart as well as help you maintain good balance and mobility too.  Plus, on top of helping you stay fit your whole life, the exercises are WAY easier to remember and understand than the ridiculously complex exercises of Powerlifting and CrossFit (that almost always lead to injury).  Don’t worry about mastering the “Clean and Jerk” or trying to max out on bench press and deadlift because those are a waste of time if you want to keep feeling strong as your body ages.  

It's up to you to chose: Being fit when you're young or being fit when you're young AND when you're old(er).