The Differences Between Training Men and Women

I was recently asked what the differences are between training male and female clients.  The answer is that there are none! When you think about it, we are all human and both genders will benefit from all the same types of training.  There will be differences in the types of changes that will happen to men and women due to differences in hormones but that does not mean we need to train them in separate ways.  Men have more testosterone which means that they are able to put on more bulk and have greater muscle hypertrophy from resistance training than women but that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t be in the gym lifting weights as well! The effects resistance training has on women’s health are just as equally beneficial as they are for men but our society fails to understand this. These benefits of resistance training range from gaining strength and muscle mass to losing body fat to reducing your risk of injury.  I don't know about you, but to me, that sounds like something we could all go for (no matter what your gender is!).  

If you’re a trainer and you fail to realize this, you are putting yourself in a bad spot because you will at some point be training both male and female clients and you are going to think that you should train them in different ways which will only set you up for failure.  Instead, you need to look at each person as a separate individual and analyze them based off of their current levels of fitness, their personality, and what their personal fitness goals are (not their gender).  When you can successfully do that, you are setting both your clients and yourself as a trainer up for success because you will be able to figure out a much more specialized training program for each of your clients and help them reach their fitness goals faster! 

In conclusion, don’t ever think that you need to train a certain way because of your gender.  You need to understand that men and women will both benefit from different types of resistance training and cardio equally.  The ending results might not be the same for men and women when doing the exact same workouts due to hormonal differences but one gender does not stand out as getting better, or healthier, results than the other in any way at all.  It really all depends on each individuals goals and current level of fitness.