Apps For Motivation

When it comes to working out, the biggest reason why people don’t workout is not actually a lack of time in their schedule.  It’s actually a lack of motivation.  If you have the motivation, then no matter how much (or little) time you have in your schedule, you can always find the time to workout. Then, there are also the people who say that they would like to get to the gym more often but don’t think they can because they don’t know where to get started.  What if I were to tell you that you could have all the motivation you need in right in your hands? I’m talking of course about fitness apps that you can get on your phone.

There are a lot of fitness apps out there that have gone above and beyond just tracking whatever it is that it was originally designed to track (steps, calories, nutrition log, amount of weight lifted etc.).  For instance, there are a lot of great apps made by Under Armour such as MapMyRun, MapMyFitness, and MyFitnessPal that allow you to see all the workouts that your friends have done and compare them to what you have done which can bring out the competitor in you while also helping you get in shape.  If you like competing against your friends for glory this can be very motivating as well as keep you accountable for the times you decide to slack off and not exercise because your friends will be able to look at their phone and see that you didn’t workout that day. Nike has come out with a similar app for competing against friends called Nike+ Running that you can checkout as well.

There are also apps for weight training motivation just like there are for running, biking, and other cardio workouts.  The big one that I have always loved (and have mentioned in previous posts) is called FitnessBuilder.  This app isn’t quite the same as the Under Armour and Nike apps where you can compete against your friends but what you can do is share and receive workouts from your friends.  FitnessBuilder makes it easy to design weight training workouts of all kinds that you can then use to track your own workouts or you can send them to a friend to try out.  For a lot of people, being given a workout from someone else, whether it be from a personal trainer or just a friend, can be more motivating and make them feel more accountable for their training (or lack of training) then trying to make up their own workout in the gym.

This is the 21st century and technology is better, more advanced, more convenient, and more helpful than ever and I highly recommend you take full advantage of what is out there to help you reach your fitness goals.