Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

There are a lot of reasons people sign up for gym memberships and for many people that really is the best way for them to go for reaching their health and fitness goals.  That is not necessarily the case for everyone though.  Some people find the time it takes to get to and from the gym to be a hassle and others can’t afford to get a gym membership either due to financial reasons or possibly feel they lack the time with their busy work schedule.  That is where creativity really comes into place.

People who have a perceived lack of time and belief that working out is something that can only be done effectively in a gym setting don’t realize that they can get strong and in the best shape of their life right in the very spot they’re standing (unless that spot is where mom is trying to cook (learned that the hard way)).  Just starting out with a basic bodyweight training workout in your home doing push-ups, squats and lunges, pull-ups (if you have a bar you can use), bench dips and some bodyweight core exercises is all you truly need to start out. Then, once you have gotten to a point where you feel like you’re plateauing and need more advanced exercises to progress, you can start adding in exercises like burpee’s, jump squats, tuck jumps, spiderman pushups, and tricep push-ups (a.k.a diamond push-ups) to increase the intensity and work more muscle groups.  All of these types of exercises don’t require any equipment and can be done just about anywhere as long as you have enough space to fully execute all the movements effectively.  

Once you have progressed even further, it’s time to start making the workouts even harder by increasing the length of time spent at a high intensity and/or decreasing the length of time spent resting or at a low intensity.  If you are willing to invest in some dumbbells or other kinds of exercise equipment (such as a TRX) that you can use at home and take with you on the road, this will give you an even more effective workout when just using bodyweight movements isn’t enough.  

These kinds of workouts can be done at home, in a hotel room, outdoors, and many other places which, if you are not into the idea of getting a gym membership, is a free alternative that can get you just as good of results as long as you put in the work and stay consistent with both your workouts and your healthy nutrition plan.