Are You Eating Enough?

A lot of people who are trying to lose weight think that they just need to stop eating as many calories as they normally would. Some even think that they should go an entire day without eating. I'm here to explain why that is completely wrong and not going to help you lose weight in a way that will improve your overall health.

For one thing, if you go to the gym to workout with no calories in your system, your workout will be super ineffective because of the fact that you have no energy and you will fatigue much faster than usual due to low blood sugar.  Also, if you are severely restricting your food intake you won't have enough protein to help your muscles recover which is making your workout basically useless.  On top of being low in protein, you will also be low in all of the important vitamins in minerals you need too. Without all the vitamins and minerals your body needs you will start to experience a number of health issues due to having a weaker immune system.

Another part of eating enough is for mental health.  If your are suffering from obesity it is likely that you could be suffering from depression as well.  An obese individual might realize that he/she has an eating problem and will decide to just stop eating with the belief that that will fix their weight issues and instead leads them into depression (not weight loss).  There is proof of a correlation between not eating enough calories on a consistent basis being at risk for becoming depressed and when you are suffering from obesity the likeliness increases even more. It might sound simple enough to tell someone who is depressed and not eating enough to just start eating more but sadly that’s not always the case.  Mental health problems like depression that can be caused by or linked to poor nutrition could potentially require up to months of therapy and anti-depressant medications on top of help in getting their nutrition under control.  

If you really want to lose fat in a short period of time I am sorry to say that you are out of luck unless you are willing to sacrifice your overall health just to temporarily look skinnier.  Getting to your goal body fat percentage can take a lot of time if you have a lot to lose but you will get to that goal eventually if you are able to keep consistent with your workout program and meal plans and you will get there without feeling sick or losing muscle mass. That is how you will become a happier healthier you in the long run.  Not an overweight depressed you.