Forget That New Years Resolution

The most classic New Years Resolution in this country is to start working out more and getting healthy.  January is packed full of new exercisers who don’t have a history of exercising in the past.  Then, when mid February to early March comes around, majority of those newcomers who vowed to exercise more have already quit and only the regulars (people who have been working out consistently for a long time) remain.  There is a reason for this and it has nothing to do with how tough exercising can be physically. It is all due to mental health issues.

If you are overweight for instance, instead of jumping straight to working out, you need to look deep inside and ask yourself “how did my body end up this way?”  Either on your own, or through therapy, if you think about it hard enough you will realize that there is something much deeper than just a lack of exercise and clean dieting that got your body to that point.  Some people live very stressful lifestyles, others have experienced something extremely traumatic. These are examples of the types of things that start you on the trail to weight gain and until you realize that, your chances of staying consistent with an exercise program and eating cleanly in the new year are sadly slim to none.

So what is an example of a better New Years Resolution? How does this sound: "In the new year I am no longer going to hold all my emotions in and finally let go of the past."  This is so much better than vowing to exercise more because it solves a much deeper problem and will undoubtedly lead you onto the path of becoming a healthier person (both physically and mentally) without exercise feeling like a chore.  That is what leads you to becoming an intrinsically motivated exerciser rather than a extrinsically motivated exerciser.

In conclusion, when you start to realize that you are not as healthy as you think you should be, instead of resorting to diet and exercise right off the bat, remember to first look deep inside yourself until you have figured out exactly what the core cause of your weight gain is.  Even if it doesn’t seem like it now, if you are living an unhealthy lifestyle it is very likely that there is an excessive amount of stress in your life or you have experienced something very traumatic that never got dealt with correctly.  When your mental health is in check, it is very likely that your physical health will naturally stay in check too.