My Experiences With P90x3

P90x, for you all that don’t know, is a set of workout DVD’s made by Team Beachbody that you simply put into your DVD player or XBOX and follow along.  There are multiple versions (or generations) of P90x, including P90x2 and P90x3, that all have their own original styles.  P90x is the most basic, P90x2 is specifically for athletes and athletic training, and P90x3 is kind of in between the two.  

My personal experience is with P90x3.  What made me choose P90x3 over the others was that all of the workouts are only 30 minutes long.  That’s shorter than the 45-60 minute workout videos that the other two contain.  Even though they’re only 30 minutes long, they are intense, exhausting, and really prove that you can get a days worth of exercise in without using up a major portion of your time.  

I definitely felt like I was getting leaner and stronger during the period I spent on this program.  You do multiple versions of pull-ups, pushups, squats, and many other exercises that attack the muscles from all angles which is what most people in the gym don’t understand is even a thing you should be doing.  Some of the workouts are strength training specific, others are cardio based training, and others are for balance and stretching.  All of them have to be used to get the full benefits of P90x3.  What is the point of getting stronger and improving your endurance if you have terrible flexibility and balance?

The reason why I eventually gave it up was that there wasn’t enough room in my apartment to fully execute some of the moves that involved jumping and skipping and I felt like I wasn’t getting the full benefit.  So I ended up going back to the regular weight lifting routine at the gym but am highly considering going back to P90x3 when I am living somewhere that has enough room for me to take full advantage of the program.