My Experiences With Kickboxing

When I’m angry and/or full of energy there really aren’t many things out there I find more satisfying than hitting things!  I know there are millions (if not billions) of people out there that would agree with me too.  The tricky thing can be finding a safe and smart ways to hit things without consequences you will likely regret.  That is where kickboxing comes in.

Kickboxing, for anyone that doesn’t know, is exactly what it sounds like: You kick and punch things (mostly punching bags).  The great thing though that I have come to realize about kickboxing is that it’s actually not as simple as just kicking and punching things.  There is a lot of technique that it takes to hit and kick without injuring yourself, there is a surprising large variety of different moves that you can do and learn, and it is a workout that will get you sweating in minutes (no matter how fit you are). 

I personally have found that kickboxing, when done correctly, has been able to give me a great cardio and strength training workout (as well as relieve a lot stress and anger).  On top of that, as I did more kickboxing and got better at it, it became even more fun because it was less standing and watching and more hitting!!  

As a personal trainer, I have learned that a lot of people hate running but think that they have to do it to lose weight.  They think it is exhausting, hard on their joints, and hearing that they need to pick up the pace just makes them hate it even more.  Kickboxing, or any kind of martial art for that matter, can be easier on the joints, release stress instead of increase stress, and be very rewarding.  These rewards are both emotional and physical.  There is an emotional reward of knowing that you are getting stronger, leaner, and feeling better mentally and physically.  Then, there are physical rewards such as earning “belts” based off your progress and level of mastery (black belt is the highest).

Unless you really hate physical contact and hitting things, there aren’t many reasons why kickboxing should not be considered as a training tool in your life.

In conclusion, kickboxing has improved my life both physically and mentally, just like it has for many others out there, and there are not a lot of reasons to completely disregard it as a training tool.  If you are looking to add variety into your workout schedule, are tired of regular weight training, or just hate regular cardio, kickboxing could be right up your alley.