My Experiences With Cardio

Running has always been a big part of my life so there's no question that I have done plenty of cardio workouts in my day.  In middle and high school, Track & Field was perfect for me and I was getting more than enough cardio in doing it. I thought that I was going to get all of my exercise just from running and that other kinds of workouts were not needed in my life.  Then, when I started at CSU, and got big into weight training, my cardio workouts decreased, I wasn't running as much (unless I was running to class), and I started to slowly forget about the importance of cardio for staying fit.  

In my sophomore year of college in 2013, I slowly started to realize the importance of getting cardio back into my life but still wasn't interested in getting back into running and decided I needed to find an alternative. This is when I decided to finally pursue getting a job as a basketball referee. It was perfect! I already knew the game so well that I wasn't too nervous or worried about screwing up the calls, plus it was elementary aged kids so the games weren't as intense, and I got a great cardio workout running up and down the court.

I proved to myself and others that cardio doesn't have to be something you feel obligated to do if you can find ways to mix it in with something else that you are more passionate about. Getting into basketball refereeing (and eventually football refereeing as well) has been one of the best choices I've ever made because it is fun and satisfying work, has helped me make new friends, and is a now my main source for getting cardio workouts in since I referee multiple days a week.