My Experiences With Running

Ever since I was little, running has always been an important part of my life.  According to my mom, as a baby, I transitioned from bear crawling straight to running without learning to walk first.  Whether it was just back and forth up and down the hallway of my house or competitively at a high school track meet, running has always brought a lot of satisfaction and happiness to my life as well as a good outlet for me whenever I was angry. 

When I first got into running, I had dreams of running professionally and in the Olympics. I eventually got my mile time to under five minutes (4:58 to be exact) and thought I was on track to greatness. That was short lived though because I did not get along well with one of my Track & Field coaches and decided I didn't want to be a part of the team anymore. I was also having problems with shin splints which are not fun at all. That's when I realized I would much rather use running for fun and for staying in good physical condition, and not for training for the Olympics. Ever since coming to that realization, running has been even more enjoyable for me and I can run hard without the stress of thinking about how well I was going to do at the next track meet. 

The big thing I'm really getting at here is that running doesn't have to be specifically for training for a race, but can instead be just a way of life. That's all it really is for me.