My Experiences With TRX

I first started doing TRX when I was training with a personal trainer and wanted to try something new because, after 2 years of weight training, I was finally starting to get a little tired of it. TRX is probably the most unusual workout I have ever done because it seemed crazy to me that I could get stronger and put on more muscle with what looked like just a fancy modified rope.  

After a few sessions with my trainer I started to realize how much strength you can gain doing TRX because every exercise you do requires core strength and balance that I didn't have to worry about before with regular weight lifting.  And when I say every exercise, I mean literally every exercise.  For instance, when you are doing chest press with the TRX, you are obviously working your pectoralis major and minor (chest muscles), but you are also getting a good lower back and abdominal workout as well because those muscles are needed to keep you balanced and not collapse straight onto the floor. I liked this a lot because having good balance is something that will help you stay healthy and out of a wheel chair your whole life (hopefully).

I do not recommend doing TRX everyday or even every other day because, since your abs are being worked so hard with every exercise, they need time to recover (just like any other muscle) and you will likely injure yourself due to not fully recovering.  Instead, do TRX every third day (ex. Monday, Thursday, Sunday) and try to make them full body workouts instead of focusing on just certain muscle groups. Also, I recommend starting out with a trained professional who knows how to train people with TRX so that you can get your form down correctly on all exercises before getting deep into a program.

I promise you will see the results in no time if you follow a good program, keep your form correct on every exercise, and don't over do it.