My Experiences With Weight Training

When I was younger I did not think that weight training was at all appealing and believed it was not for people like me.  My main sports growing up were basketball, track & field, tennis, and snowboarding.  None of these sports seemed to me like weight training would be at all beneficial for improving my performance and fitness.  Then, when I went to college at Colorado State University (CSU) in 2012, my perspective completely changed.  

I started lifting just on my own with a friend and kind of realized that I really didn't know what on Earth I was doing when I was in the weight room and neither did my friend.  That's when I decided it was time to start paying for sessions with a personal trainer so that I didn't end up hurting myself or just not getting any real results from my workouts.  After learning how to do all the exercises with my trainer and then getting a real routine written out for me, that's when my weight lifting lifestyle really picked up.  Just knowing how to do exercises correctly and having an idea of what I should do each day got me more motivated and I ended up putting on the "freshman 15" in muscle (not fat).

Now, I have been lifting weights regularly for over 3 years and it has done only good things for me mentally and physically.  I might not be the skinny distance runner I used to be (now I'm more of a sprinter), but I have noticed a positive growth in my basketball performance, my legs don't get as tired or sore from snowboarding all day, and my serve in tennis has improved. Weight training was a big part of all of those improvements.