The Number One Reason You're Not Getting Results

There are a lot of people in this country hate working out because they think it’s hard, painful, and not fun at all.  This belief is all due to the fact that what they have tried in the past stressed them out more than it made them feel accomplished. There is always some kind of exercise program out there for everyone that will make them happy and get the results they never got with the programs they tried in the past.  Working out doesn’t have to feel like an obligation or a chore.

The first place to look when attempting to figure out what kind of workout is right for you is NOT the internet.  There are a million catchy advertisements out there that claim to be the best way to lose fat and get strong but it’s all a lie because no matter how much scientific research went into designing it, it isn’t going to help people who don’t find it fun and get stressed out doing it.  The first step to finding your perfect workout program is going out and actually trying things yourself.  You don’t know whether running or swimming is a better source of cardio for you until you try them.  If neither running or swimming make you happy, there is also rowing, cycling (indoor or outdoor), and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).   It's the same thing with strength training as well.  You don't have to do Dynamic Constant External Resistance Training (DCER), better known as "normal" or "regular" weight training, if it feels boring and repetitive to you. There is also TRX, Circuit Training, Variable Resistance Trainingbody weight training and many more!  

Probably the easiest (and quickest) way to figure out what type of training you like best is to try sessions with a personal trainer or try a group fitness class. Fitness professionals are likely to know how to motivate you and help you find your correct fitness path a lot better than relying purely on yourself.  Working with a fitness professional such as a personal trainer or a group fitness instructor will help make sure you do all your exercises correctly and safely so that you don't injure yourself (a classic excuse not to exercise) as well as help you decide if it's the right type of workout for you to reach your goals.

In conclusion, if you take the time to explore yourself and what the world of health and fitness has to offer, there's no doubt that you will reach any fitness goal you strive for! All you got to do is just believe in yourself and believe that there is something out there that you will get great pleasure doing that will push you hard enough to get great results without making you feel miserable doing it. Whether you use a personal trainer or not, success can always come with the right amount of time, effort, and a positive attitude!