Sprinting vs. Distance Running for Fat Loss

There is a lot of confusion out there over how to lose weight.  Most people who are trying to lose those extra pounds of fat around their waistline think that they should go out and run for as long and as far as they can.  The truth is that this is not the best way to go upon fat loss.  Putting in miles on the running trails or on the treadmill will definitely burn calories and will help you lose weight but that weight you are losing isn’t all fat.  Most of that weight you are losing is muscle. This is especially true if you are not consistently weight training along with your running program.  

So how should you go about efficient and healthy weight loss?  The answer is sprinting workouts. It might be hard to believe at first because sprinting workouts are usually shorter than distance workouts and have much longer resting times but there is one very important fact that needs to be understood:  Sprinting workouts help you build muscle.  When you are building muscle it speeds up your metabolism which makes it so that you burn more calories while at rest and don’t have to put your legs through the hard stress of running for miles and miles. 

On the other hand, if you are training for a 10k or a marathon then distance running should be your main focus of training.  As stated earlier, these kinds of workouts will make you lose muscle as well as fat but that is actually ok because you need to be as lean as possible to run long endurance races.  Having too much muscle can make running long distances much harder just like having too much fat does because of how much weight your legs are having to carry along. It is important to note though that you will lose weight faster by incorporating sprinting workouts into your distance running program than if you only went on long runs.  

In conclusion, sprinting workouts are the way to go if you are just looking to lose fat and get healthier because of how it helps you lose fat while also putting on muscle.  But if you are training to eventually run a marathon, then going on distance runs should be your main type of workout.  Just remember you will not lose weight as quickly if you only go on long runs as you will if you do some sprinting workouts and weight lifting workouts on the side because of how those types of workouts help speed up your metabolism.