Childhood Obesity: Diet Comes First

There is obviously an epidemic going on in this country right now with obesity in children.  Adults in this country that are overweight or obese know that their diet is unhealthy and that they have a problem whereas children are not aware of this at all.  Children just eat what their parents and other adults decide to feed them and don't care about anything other than if it tastes good or not.  

A lot of ignorant parents out there who feed their children (and themselves) extremely unhealthy food to make them happy and then pay to send their children to personal trainers with the expectation that that will magically prevent them from getting fat (or fatter).  Not only are these parents wasting their money but they're also wasting their kids and the personal trainers time because no progress is being made and the kids are usually not having any fun doing these workouts either.  

Once parents start to understand the true importance of feeding their kids the right foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat) and discontinue the candy and soda meal plan, they will notice that their kids will naturally start losing weight, become more active, and even be happier and less stressed out.  Candy and soda might make your kid feel happy temporarily (until their stomach hurts and their body crashes) but feeding them more healthy fruits and vegetables will have a much longer (and healthier) effect on their lives because they won't feel sick and their body is actually receiving the nutrients it needs to fully thrive.  

Remember parents, you have the power and the knowledge to keep your children healthy and active, so lets work together to put an end to childhood obesity now!